Are you getting an “address not found” error?

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People have issues such as the Address not found in Gmail and other related matters. Now, Gmail has overtaken Office as the most widely used email provider. It allows you to send and receive emails from a tablet, mobile phone, computer, or laptop. Using Gmail to send and receive emails is an effortless and comfortable operation. Users who use this service regularly may encounter a few issues. Gmail address not found is one of the most common issues.

However, this issue is not just for Gmail. People who are vulnerable to it receive automatic responses to incorrect address communications. If you’re seeking solutions to this problem, this post will be handy.

What does it mean by Address not found?

When Gmail returns an Address not found error, Gmail cannot deliver your message to the given site. It’s possible that the address you’re trying to send the message to exists or that your Gmail account is secured, in which case it won’t let you send emails.

Gmail Address Not Found Issues: Causes and Solutions

Gmail is the safest decision someone can make regarding official communication. You may also use Gmail on any platform, including your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc.

Also, there is limitless space and fast functioning accessible. As a result, it is the most consumer communication system available. Nonetheless, there are several issues that consumers frequently bring up and with which they must deal. Though Gmail has handled most of them well, you may see issues such as 400 bad requests, the app crashing, not getting emails, etc. The Gmail address not found, on either hand, will surely be at the top of a list of problems.

The following are the causes of the Address not found an error in Gmail:

The most typical reason for this error is that you put in the wrong email address for the recipient. The addresses do not exist on the Gmail server in the vast suitable type. As a result, Gmail cannot locate the recipient of your message. Another common cause is that you regularly make spelling mistakes. As a result, it generates errors, such as incorrect punctuation, excess space, or commas, which results in an address not found error.

The creator sometimes removes the account address you’re attempting to reach. In such a situation, you will receive this error. You won’t be able to send any messages to a Gmail account if anyone stops you from sending an email to their account. A technical issue on one end may prevent you from sending emails. If the server is unavailable under the service, you’ll get a Gmail address not found when sending custom emails.

How do I fix the Gmail address not found?

Fortunately, various diagnostic options might assist you in resolving addresses not available in Gmail problems.

Examine the email address of the recipient.

The most common cause of email not being found in Gmail is an inaccurate address. As a result, the most important thing you should double-check the recipient’s email address. If you discover a flaw, correct it and resolve the problem.

To check the recipient’s email address, follow these steps:

Double-check that you haven’t forgotten any numbers or characters when entering the recipient address. Check whether the person you’re trying to contact has blocked you. To prevent misspellings and errors, copy and paste the email address from the source. After testing these, if the problem remains, move on to the next step.

Verify the Email Address’s Existence.

Sending emails to accounts that don’t exist is another reason for email addresses not to be found in Gmail. Follow the procedures below to determine if that’s the case.

Press CTRL + Shift + N to open the incognito window.

To sign in to Gmail, go to a webpage.

Fill in the email address of the receiver.

 Click on the ‘Next’ button.

If you get a warning like “This account was recently deleted and maybe retrieved,” it implies the email address is either inactive or does not exist.

Examine the Email Service.

It’s possible that you won’t be capable of sending an email to a custom email address because the domain or server isn’t accessible. So, what are your ways of dealing with this?

The steps to verify and schedule your Gmail are as follows:

Check your email with the recipient.

Gmail’s scheduling tool is worth a shot. It will send your email at a specific date and time that you can choose.

Go to your Gmail account and sign in.

To start writing a document, tap Compose.

Please make sure the recipient’s address is correct and double-check it.

Next to the Send button, click the upward arrow.

Schedule Send is the option to choose.

Choose a day and time by clicking on the calendar icon.

Select a day and time suitable, then click the Schedule option.

Fix the problem.

You may also use the PC Repair & Optimizer Tool to fix the Address not found in the Gmail issue. It’s especially beneficial for users of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and XP. The PC Repair & Optimizer Tool is good at detecting and removing faults from your computer. It also protects you from losing your data and hardware issues. In addition, the utility improves your system to perform at its best consistently. The following are the instructions for using it.

Install the PC Repair & Optimizer Tool.

Then, click ‘Start Scan’ to find all the flaws which may be causing your PC to fail.

Now, click ‘Repair All’ to fix all of the problems.

After completely using this Tool, you will be able to resolve the email address not found the issue.

Why is my email address not recognized?

Have you lost your password, or is it no longer correct? If you input your login information and the website keeps refreshing without displaying a warning suggesting that your data is incorrect, the password is not the problem. If you can’t go past the login screen after submitting your account information, it’s most often due to disagreements between our service and the “cookies” that your browser uses to interact with us.

Please try removing your cookies in the following order, depending on your browser:

Google Chrome:

Go to History > Clear Browsing Data in Google Chrome.

Make sure “Cookies” is set and “Preserve Current favourites Website Data” is unchecked in the flip that displays, then click “Delete.” You may have to restart your computer following this.

For Firefox

Open Firefox and pick the “Privacy” tab below Tool> Option.

Select “Use configuration options for history” in Firefox but then “Show Cookies.”


Nothing groundbreaking comes into our world without faults, and Google’s Gmail service is no exception. But, Gmail has little to do with the Address not found issue because user errors primarily cause it.

First, determine the source of your problem and try all of the solutions listed above. I’m hoping things will improve. The above solutions have been tried and true, with a 100% success record and customer satisfaction.

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