People Also Search For Box in Google – What is it and how can it be used to improve SEO?

Undoubtedly, keyword research is the most important part of search engine optimization as we can never rank a content if it lacks relevance. Therefore, it is quite essential to incorporate the right and relevant keywords in our content. 

The majority of SEOs rely on long-tail and LSI keywords derived from keyword finder tools. Anyhow, there’s something else that you can do to find ideal keywords for your content. Sounds interesting? If yes, then keep reading. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with quick insights about People Also Search For Box in Google that’s the most effective way to track right and relevant keywords for any type of web content.  

Read it thoroughly to find “what are PASF keywords” and “how we can leverage them to improve SEO”

What is People Also Search For Box in Google?

People Also Search For is a SERP feature that suggests up to six search terms relevant to a user’s search query. Google displays the PASF box to show us what else people usually look for when searching a certain term.

Interestingly, the PASF box only appears if a user quickly leaves a website and returns to the result page. Whenever a user immediately jumps back from a site, Google takes it as a sign that the user was unable to find the required information from the respective resource. Therefore, it displays the people also search for box on the result page. This way, it becomes easier for the users to gain insights into the other terms that people frequently search for along with the term they are looking for. 

PASF box enables the webmasters to drive keyword data directly from the search engine database. It shows exactly what people search for so that we can optimize our content better and deliver an enhanced user experience. 

Keep in mind that PASF box doesn’t always display textual words, rather it can sometimes show relevant videos as well. Moreover – although it’s usually displayed on the bottom of the result page, its position on SERPs may change from time to time.  

Difference Between People Also Search For and People Also Ask Box 

People Also Search For is often confused with the People Also Ask For box. Anyhow, keep in mind that both of these SERP features are different from one another. 

The difference between these two can be best started as “the PASF box highlights the relevant search terms whereas the AAF box displays the relevant questions”. 

More clearly, the focus of PASF is to give users the list of search terms that match their query while the AAF intends to enlist the frequently asked questions that relate to the user’s search. 

We can think of PASF as the source of related keywords that enables the users to find more relevant search results. On the other hand, AAF is considered the source of frequently asked questions that not only help us to find more relevant information but give us quick access to more relevant resources as well. 

You must know that PASF and AAF are both beneficial in terms of search engine optimization. For instance, we can use people also search for terms as “related keywords” to incorporate into our content. Moreover, we can use people also ask for queries as “frequently asked questions” or “ultra-specific headings” to include in our content. This inevitably leads the content to a higher ranking because we are targeting exactly what people search for. 

What are PASF Keywords in SEO?

As the people also search for box informs the users of relevant search queries, it helps the search engine optimizers to find relevant keywords as well.

The PASF keywords are the search terms that relate to the target keyword. For sure, if you include a variety of related keywords in your content along with the focus keyword then nothing will stop it from ranking on the result pages. Thanks to the PASF keywords, the search engine will find your content more relevant to the user’s search query and thus, display it on the top of SERPs. 

Undoubtedly, PASF keywords are an essential part of an effective SEO strategy but only a few webmasters leverage it. 

In case you find it useful then let’s move forward to know how we can make the best of these ideal keywords. 

How to Add PASF Keywords in Content?

It is just like optimizing any content with focus and relevant keywords. All you need to do is be cautious about keyword density and placement. 

The search terms that you find through the PASF box lists important keywords that relate to a main seed keyword, right? So, you are required to include these search terms as related keywords in your content.  

Follow these guidelines to include PASF keywords in your content:

  • incorporate these keywords in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion of your article 
  • create ultra-specific headings using these keywords 
  • use these keywords in the form of frequently asked questions 

Don’t overuse any of the PASF keywords as it can lead to keyword stuffing. 

There’s something more about PASF keywords that you must be aware of. Therefore, we suggest you keep reading. 

How to Use PASF Keywords Effectively to Improve SEO? 

Every SEO expert knows that it’s always difficult to find the right and relevant keywords. Anyhow, there are certain strategies that make it a lot easier. 

Using the People Also Ask For box to track related keywords is a proven strategy that ultimately helps to improve SEO efforts. 

Follow these simple steps to use PASF keywords for SEO:

  • search your target keyword on Google
  • click on any given link 
  • jump back to the result page
  • look for the people also search for box 

You’ll find the PASF box right below the link that you clicked earlier. If you are using desktop then you’ll see a list of 6 related search queries whereas if you are on mobile then you’ll get only 4 related search terms. 

Once you get the list, make sure to copy it right away so that you can easily add these keywords in your content. You need to be quite strategic about the way you target PASF keywords in your content or else, your effort will be all futile. 

Here one thing is clear that PASF box is the way to discover potential keywords that can help your content achieve more relevancy. For sure, relevancy is the key to higher ranking of SERPs. 

Bottom Line

People Also Search For Box is the ultimate source to find the potential keywords for improved SEO. This tracks down the easiest and most effective way to discover the search terms that relate the best to our target keyword, making it easier to know the user requirements and optimize our content accordingly. 


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