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A cookie is a text file containing identifiers. A web server sends these IDs to your web browser as a string of letters. And your web browser saves them. When you request a page from the website, all identifiers are delivered back to the webserver. Persistent cookies and session cookies are the two types of cookies.

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If you use our Site, you agree to cookies and the sharing of data collected by Google and third-party partners. You can go to examine, delete, or add interest categories that run through your browser. If you want to stay away from the network cookie technique, go to On the other hand, these network cookie techniques utilise cookies as well. As a result, you should avoid clearing your browser’s cache. Otherwise, your preferences will remain unchanged.

For residents of the European Economic Area

GDPR and data protection regulations give you rights if you live in the European Economic Area. These rights provide you access to your data, the ability to delete it, and the ability to limit how it is used in the future.

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Our cookie policy is as follows:

We comply with the laws of the European Union. As a result, we’d like to alert you to a small file known as a cookie that records your preference information on your computer.

A cookie is a little piece of data stored in your browser by a website. Your actions and preferences are saved in this data throughout time. 

You have the option of deleting cookies from your browser or setting a mechanism that prevents cookies from being stored on your device. You’ll need to change specific settings in your computer to accomplish this.

Cookies are stored in nearly every browser. However, you have the option of not storing cookies. More information and instructions concerning cookies can be found at

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

You have the option to accept or deny cookies. Enabling cookies, on the other hand, will improve your surfing experience.

Cookies are not used to identify you. We also don’t utilise cookies for any other reason.

In addition, your web browser may store a variety of different sorts of cookies. These cookies collect additional information.

For traffic analysis, we use Google Analytics. It’s a valuable tool that gives us information on how visitors interact with our Site. Google Analytics collects data from cookies, which includes your IP address. Other companies use data from Google to improve online tactics.

Your IP address is not linked to any other information by Google.

Advertisements from third parties

We may show you advertisements from third parties when you visit our website. These third parties keep track of your information to serve you with relevant product and service advertisements.

These third parties collect data on the success of advertising strategies by using cookies and IDs. This information, however, is not linked to any individual. If the information is personally identifiable, you may have given it to them through an email message or an advertisement.

Advertisers’ data collected by third parties

Advertisers use cookies to gather information about you. These cookies tell them the advertising you saw, clicked on, and took action on while visiting our website and others. Advertisers use this information to show you relevant advertising that may interest you. Third-party advertisers, for example, target you with adverts that are relevant to your interests. However, these advertisements may not appear on all associated websites.

Advertisers do not have access to any of our users’ personal information. On the other hand, advertisers can learn about your habits by looking at your internet clicks. Furthermore, the demographics of the people who visit our website influence the advertising that appear in front of them. Residents of Asia Pacific, for example, tend to read a specific type of content. If you’re from the Asia Pacific, there’s a good possibility you’ll see something similar on your screen.

You can contact Network Advertisement Initiate if you wish to limit advertisements while you’re browsing.

You also have the option of opting out of the related advertisement. You will still receive adverts in this instance. This commercial, however, will not rely on cookies.

Types and purposes of collection

We collect information at several stages to assist our clients. When you visit our website, we collect non-personal information without your knowledge. Your IP address, location data, and referring website are all included in this data.

We analyse our traffic and other metrics using this data. This data, however, does not link you to a specific person.

You can request that we notify you of each cookie sent by your computer. Furthermore, you have the option of disabling cookies. However, your ability to use our website will be limited in that scenario. You may not be able to use all of the features on our website.

Information exchange

We never sell, rent, or reveal any information we gather to third parties. In the following circumstances, meanwhile, we save and distribute the data we collect.

Interest-based advertising options and how to opt-out

Follow the instructions on the NAIis opt-out page or DAA’s consumer choice page to opt-out of interest-based advertising.