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Do you want to know how much product photography pricing is on average? If you’re a beginner or newbie to product photography, you need to know what price you can assume from customers if you first start and the average pricing plan for product photographers in today’s world. And once you’ve completed reading this article, you’ll be able to figure out how much to charge for product photography on your own.

You undoubtedly know how vital product photography is to your company. Understanding why it’s so important can help you plan your website’s content strategy. Like, emails and social media, as well as digital advertising. Once you understand why product photography is an essential part of your overall plan, you can choose how much of your money you want to keep aside and develop a strategy for getting your material.

Why is product photography so crucial?

When it comes to your internet appearance, do the heavy work. Consider all locations where you want to use photographs of your product like your website, social media, email, digital advertisements, and mailers. Through digital marketing, most of your clients will learn about your brand and goods. As a result, making a tremendous positive photographic impression is critical. You’ve caught their interest. Now you have to persuade people to buy. It is done by establishing the trust of your consumers through the use of product images and videos. Higher conversion rates are connected with elevated product photos. A more enjoyable experience for users, As a result, the brand has built awareness and trust.

Experience Of All other Customers

The way potential buyers see their user experience determines your brand. Suppose visitors have difficulty driving your website or waiting for pages to load. So, the chances of them staying around to look at unclear or poor photographs and completing a purchase are small or not. According to Google, half of the American buyers now purchase their goods online. It implies that most customers have an idea and a standard that satisfies them before buying a product. Everything is at your fingertips in today’s world. Anything less than perfect is not allowed here. 

Greater Rate of Transformation

Higher conversion rates are associated with a better user experience. It is more than a simple website. It entails having stunning photographs and films that precisely express your product’s narrative. The greater the quality, the more you provide, and the more likely clients will buy. You may even persuade them to make more purchases.

Build Your Trust

Did you go ahead and buy despite your booking? Almost certainly not. You most likely looked around until you found a seller with rising photographs. When you purchase something online, you run the chance of it reaching your house and falling short of your expectations. Anything you can do as a dealer to remove their worries will result in cash on hand.

Expecting to receive Acceptance

What will set you apart is discovering your unique content brand. How often do you watch an Apple advertisement or ad and instantly understand the firm before the logo appears at the end? It is because they defined their brand identity and stuck to it. They established a level of regularity in their material which became an outgrowth of their brand. That’s how you earn your clients’ confidence and recognition.

Pricing Models of Product Photography

A product photography project’s pricing should be determined by the characteristics of the project and the market rate, as well as the capacity to cover overhead and expenses. Product photographers can price their projects in two ways per shot or by a day rate. Typically, eCommerce photographs cost per photo, whereas creative images pay per day.

Photographing Products for Ecommerce

Most mid-size portfolio and eCommerce photography studios specialising in white background images will charge per shot. Most reputable eCommerce professional product photography studios charge between $20 and $90 per shot for white background product photography. For more complex photographs, there are generally additional fees. Most firms acquire at least two to three images per product, and businesses should budget at least $400 per product for the various photos necessary to make a complete product listing.

Large business portfolio studios are typically not open about their cost and bill according to project requirements. You’ll need at least 10,000 photographs to approach them in most cases.

Pricing for Custom Product Photography

A day then includes production expenses is pay for custom photoshoots that are unique or creative. A professional photography shoot usually takes many days of planning and agreements, and you’ll almost certainly need to be there on the day of the shoot. A creative product photographer’s 10 hour day charge can range from $500 to $3000, depending on skill, with the average being approximately $2000. All these assistants, post-production, purchasing and stylist, models, locations, and other chargeable expenditures do not include creating a shoot.

A customer should budget between $2000 and $5000 for a day of commercial product photography, and maybe more depending on the complexity of the request. When pitching on a project, be careful with your RFP (request for proposal) and be extremely clear and strategic about what images will be needed and where they will be used.

Conversions and sales are affected by photography.

You all know high-quality photography is essential for business since we are clients outside of the job and are heavily exposed to product photography. Let’s look at some numbers to see how much of effect photography has on customers:

3/4 of internet customers rely on their shopping decisions on product images.

If you include graphics in your material, it has a 40% better chance of sharing on social media.

The reason for 22% of returns was that the actual goods did not match the online representation.

With these few numbers, a wise entrepreneur may see the influence that quality product photography can have on an online store’s bottom line.

Different Product Photography Service Providers?

Product photography pricing varies depending on the service. You decided on the sort of product photography that would best suit your demands as the initial step in our profession. Product photography often has two types of photo studios.

Locally owned and operated studio.

Dedicated full-service studio.

All you have to do now is pick the best service for your requirements. Let’s go over a few more topics to help clarify our product photography pricing guide.

Advantages of Local independent photography experts

Because you have a variety of independent photography possibilities, the essential prerequisite is to take good images. When working with one individual, the discussion of product photography charges per hour or shot becomes broader. Hiring a local consumer reduces the problems in shipping, marketing, and travelling.

Disadvantages of Independent Local Photography

Because of pricing and position issues, many freelance photographers do not offer individual or local photography.

Independent photographers may lack the necessary equipment and the ability to picture in any scenario and at any time. Setting up a studio and improving things for freelance photographers takes more time. They are pretty busy, which may result in difficulties.

Product photography studios that provide a full range of services.

A full-service photography job may be the ideal decision for you if you are willing to work as a full-time photographer in a professional production. You usually earn a nice monthly or weekly commercial product photography income with organisations.

These studios are more than an agency, providing a wide range of services and managing larger projects for other semi businesses or eCommerce mega-corporations.

What is a fair price to charge for photography?

Portrait, architectural, food, product, and service photography are the most common uses per image. Working by the hour is helpful for a variety of situations. It implies you can charge by the hour for portrait photography, but you will lose money. You must include article work in your price when executing these projects. As a result, a single portrait photograph taken by a beginner will cost $15 or more. It would help if you funded all of your costs and established a bank. 

If someone comes to you and requests 20 photographs for a website, it will be more cost-effective to charge per image rather than by the hour. It allows you to set a more excellent price for your photographs and earn more money. Keep your options open before deciding how you will bill your clients for these services.


Finally, when it comes to product photography pricing, you need alternatives. It would help if you spent some time determining what you require from your product photographer. Make a list of everything you require. Your budget and timing will decide whether or not you should hire a local photographer or hire a professional photographic business. Whatever your preference, it may be worthwhile to test out individual photographers and complete photography studios to truly understand what works best for you and your budget.

It is the most important thing to know from this article. You must invest in better photos to expand your business, whether through a photo service or an individual photographer. The more excellent and consistent material you have, the more money you’ll make. Product photography pricing can be complex, especially for marketers or e-commerce managers working on a first-time project to create photographs for various goods.


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