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This article presents everything you need to know about the Google Skillshop platform, including how it can help you advance your career.

What is Google Skillshop for?

It is a platform for professionals who use Google’s marketing tools and other services to get training and certification. Classes teach you how to use Google products, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube, and many more. You can also obtain certificates that verify your skill in a particular area of Google marketing. At the same time, each certification comes with several linked lessons to help you plan for the final exam. The certificate is issued to you while you pass the assessment. Because Google Skillshop courses are auto so you may go at your schedule.

Does Skillshop provide certificates?

You’ll have access to achievements, certifications, and relevant study materials when you sign up with Skillshop.

When you pass the last exam in a learning journey, you’ll get achievement in it. Consider your accomplishments to be multiple barriers on your path to learning new talents. While achievements aren’t official certifications, they are an identification of your efforts on it.

Certifications are given once you complete the certification exams and meet the certification requirements of individuals who demonstrate expertise in fundamentals. Advanced areas of Google products and solutions, such as Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform, can get a certification from Google.

Does Google Skillshop give certification free?

The courses and certifications given by Google Skillshop are entirely free. To access the material and you should first register a Skillshop account. Previously, there was a fee for taking the tests as part of a course. After renaming Google Academy for Ads to Skillshop, the course is now free for all users.

Are Google Skillshop certifications worth it?

So, if you’re trying to advance your digital marketing career, Google Skillshop is well suitable to justify your time and effort. The online platform includes various learning materials to help you improve your skills and a set of certifications to prove your learning.

Is it true that Google Skillshop certifications are recognized?

Google officially recognizes the Google Skillshop certifications. A digital copy link of the certification is added automatically when you pass a certification exam. A complete ID, issuance date, and expiry date are included in the digital certification. The link to the digital certification is included on your CV or LinkedIn profile. You can also share the profile link that will allow you to display a single page with all of the certifications you’ve got.

The Google Skillshop offers a variety of courses.

Google Ads: 

With the numerous courses included in Google Ads, you may learn how to market your business on Google.

Google Marketing Platform: 

Marketing platforms allow you to develop business marketing strategies and execute and evaluate those efforts.

Analytics Academy: 

You may discover the tools which help you acquire and evaluate company reports by completing the courses in this category.

Google My Business: 

It includes courses that teach you how to use the Google My Business service, which allows you to reach out to your clients for free.

Google Ad Manager:

Knowing how to use this tool will make it much easier for any company to create an inventory and manage advertising on Google.

Google AdMob: 

This tool can help determine which ads are of the highest quality for your company. It also supports the completion of necessary company listings.

Authorize Buyers: 

You will be able to meet the customer’s marketing needs After completing this course and categorize appropriate agreements.

E-Learning with Waze Fundamentals

So, it will assist you in understanding the principles of your business and achieving your business objectives with Waze Ads.

How Do You Get a Google Skillshop Certification?

Getting is starting with Skillshop and obtaining your certifications is simple. So, let’s have a look at the steps you’ll need to take.

The first step is to register for Skillshop.

 Create an account on Skillshop. Sign in with your Google account for the certificate. Click the Get Start button on Google Skillshop. If you’ve not already done so, you’ll be asked to check in to your Google account. After that, you’ll have to agree to the terms of service. After that, you’ll be taken to a screen where you may complete your profile. You cannot change your name or email address, but you can add a company, a company email address, and a recovery email address.

You can also link your Google Ads, and YouTube accounts to your Skillshop account. So, after completing your profile, go to the Browse icon in the navigation bar to see what courses and certifications are available.

A list of possible Google Ads certificate programs presents there. The total time to complete the course, the skill level, and the program’s review rating will be displayed for each course. The Google Ads certifications do not have to be done in any particular order to take them how you like. So, when you select a certification, you will be back on the main page for that course.

The following topics can be available on the next page:

Google Ads

Google’s Education Program

A platform for Google Marketing

Analytical Academy 

Google My Business 


Google Ad Manager

The Google Cloud Platform

E-Learning with Waze Fundamentals

Google AdMob 

Licensed Purchasers

Android/ios Academy 

By completing the term, you’ll have a great suggestion of what you need to know.

There are three sections below this:

Prepare for certification includes a link to a practice test.

Pass the exam and receive a certificate that links to the certification exam.

The study contains a collection of courses that contain the primary target of the certification subject.

Get ready for the test.

Each certification comes with a collection of learnings you study for the exam. The instructions are simple to follow. They are consist of text. There are also some new features, such as flashcards. Each session includes quick review questions and a knowledge check at the end. You have completed the lesson when you pass the knowledge check. On the main page of the certification, you may keep track of the lessons you’ve finished. A checkmark will appear next to a lesson on the certification’s main page.

After doing all the lessons, you’ll want to go over the content again to prepare for the exam. You can test your knowledge by Knowledge Check Assessment. So, there are about a dozen numerous questions in this written exam. When you finish the practice test, you’ll be given a rating and a list of the questions you got wrong.

Step three is to take the exam.

Each certification’s evaluation is available directly through the Skillshop portal. Authentication requests questions are helpful for the exams. The exam has a time duration of 75 minutes. Depending on the certification, the number of questions on each exam ranges from 46 to 50. You cannot back and change your answers once you’ve responded to questions. To pass these tests, you have to get at least 80%. The lone exception is Google Ads Apps certification. It simply requires a 70% or better on the exam.

You can try each exam as many times as you like, but you should wait one day after passing. When you’re ready, go to the Pass the exam, receive a certification section, and click the link to the assessment. Your certification will be available immediately on Skillshop’s My Profile page if you pass the exam. All certifications have a one-year validity term. So, by passing the assessment again, you can renew your certification.


For digital marketers looking to develop their careers, Google Skillshop is the best resource. The courses are simple to follow and provide a detailed analysis of how to use various Google products. So, you can obtain certifications in several Google marketing categories, which will allow you to show your skills to potential companies or clients.

It is also absolutely free. The courses are available, and there is no charge to take the certification exam. You have to create a Google account and begin reviewing the courses. Whether you decide to become Skillshop certified or not, various online training tools are available to online marketing who want to expand their knowledge.

Google Skillshop



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