Best Speedwrite Alternatives in The Market

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Writing an article or an essay on your own. The article must be error-free, precise and have no grammar mistakes. So, writing many high-quality articles in a limited time can be challenging. Many speedwriting tools are available for our Assistance in writing long articles and essays in less time. The AI writing tools help in writing accurate articles fast.

What is Speedwrite?

Speed write is the world’s fastest world’s effortless artificial automatic text generator. It was developed in 1924 by Emma Dearborn to make it easy for students to write quality essays in less time. Speedwrite is incredibly fast, creating unique and exclusive writings from any text. So, it is a tool for rewriting the provided content. Speedwrite helps generate many articles on the same topic to prevent plagiarism. This tool makes it easy for users to paraphrase and rewrite articles and essays. Therefore many people can afford this tool and are satisfied with its work. But some students and other people are more comfortable using a free tool. This tool is excellent in its position and provides different facilities to its users.

Drawbacks of speedwrite:

  • Loses its meaning: The main problem we face while using speedwrite is: that it sometimes produces writing that fails its original purpose.
  • Expensive: This speedwriting tool is not accessible to the public. The application gives a few free tries to experience this tool. But after the free trial, a person must spend a certain amount to avail of this tool.
  • Rewriting tool: Speedwrite is only a rewriting tool and cannot perform any other task.
  • Fewer reviews: Compared to other speedwrite alternatives, this tool has more periodic or no reviews. One of the reasons is that this is not a free tool for the public.
  • Do not support any extensions: the speedwrite tool does not help any chrome or google extension. Thus, it is impossible to upload content from documents. So you must copy-paste the content.

Speed write alternatives:

The market is full of free-speed writing alternatives that work more effectively and accurately. So, some of the speed write options are listed below:


The most used tool for paraphrasing and article rewriting purpose is Quillbot. It works as a great alternative to speedwrite. Quillbot provides many facilities other than just paraphrasing and rewriting. It is an excellent option as an alternative to speedwrite.


  • No account is needed: you don’t need an account to use this tool. You don’t need to charge for this tool, and you can use it without registration.
  • Free of cost: Quillbot offers its services to the public without demanding charges. It is a free tool that anyone can use.
  • Multiple modes: Quillbot provides different ways to the user, such as simple, formal, standard, and creative.
  • Paraphraser: this paraphraser tool aids in paraphrasing a given article. It also offers many other services to the public.
  • Grammar tool: Quillbot offers this grammar checker tool that helps avoid grammar mistakes. This tool detects all types of grammar errors.
  • Summarizer tool: Quillbot provides many other facilities for the users. It includes a summarizer tool in which a user can enter an article, and it will produce a summary of the given article.
  • Cowriter tool: Recently, Quillbot launched a new tool known as the ‘Cowriter tool,” and it is still in progress.
  • Research tool: Quillbot also provides an option to search articles on the internet and paraphrase or rewrite them and adds them to your article in less time.
  • Plagiarism tool: After paraphrasing the given article, you can check whether the article is plagiarized or not by using the plagiarism tool.
  • Synonyms: This tool lists synonyms to replace the original words.
  • Extensions: This tool provides extensions for Chrome and Google, and you can easily upload a document from your device.


  • Word limit: Although Quillbot is free of cost, it has the drawback that only a limited number of words can rewrite at a time. The terms must be 150 or less.
  • Grammar mistakes: One of the significant drawbacks of this tool is that it sometimes produces grammar mistakes, which seem unusual and odd. A person can avoid this issue by just proofreading the article thoroughly.


Jasper is also known as ‘Jarvis’ or ‘Conversion.AI’. It is a skilled alternative to speedwriting. It helps in writing efficient articles and essays. Jasper creates content from scratch with the help of Artificial Intelligence. You enter a little explanation about your article and keywords linked to it; this software will generate the whole article.



  • Cheap: Jasper is not free software but is quite reasonable and affordable. There are two types of purchasing modes:
  • Starter Mode: For short-form articles.
  • Boss Mode: For long-form articles.
  • Usage: This tool is easy to use, efficient and accurate.
  • Templates: Jasper provides around 50 different templates to the users. These templates include amazon product descriptions; Quora answers, Engaging questions, Blog post introduction paragraphs, personal Bios and many more.
  • Title generator: This tool provides this facility to generate the title of your article.
  • Intro generator: Jasper also enables the user to write the intro paragraph independently, or this tool will write it for you.
  • Blog workflow: This helps in writing full-length articles or blog content.
  • Generation Software: This software assists the user in writing articles and essays.
  • Sentence Expander: So, the software provides this tool which takes a small piece of content and expands the article by adding more words.
  • Paragraph generator: This tool creates numerous paragraphs on a specific topic.
  • Content improver: Jasper provides this tool that takes a small piece of content and creates numerous variations of that content.
  • Language: Jasper supports 25 different languages other than English. And it makes it easy to write blogs and articles in various languages.
  • Reading level: The user can select the reading level in the paraphrasing tool.


Spinbot is another Speedwrite alternative for paraphrasing and rewriting articles and blogs.


  • Sign up: There is no compulsion to sign up for an account. Anyone can avail of this tool for free.
  • Free of cost: Like many other alternatives, SpinBot is also free to use, and anyone can avail of its services.
  • Plagiarism free: this tool provides writing that is not copied and is plagiarism free.
  • Synonyms: SpinBot uses a lot of synonyms and phrases while rewriting the article.
  • Adjustable slider: SpinBot provides an adjustable slider through which users can decide whether they need a longer article or a shorter one.
  • Translate and Spin tool: SpinBot will soon release this tool through which you can enter a text in a language. And it will translate/spin it to another language and will be very useful for the public.


  • Interface: This tool has a simple interface, and they don’t have many features.
  • Proofread: The generated sometimes may sound like odd words and loses their original meaning. So it is essential to proofread the article.
  • Non-stop ads: SpinBot is filled with free ads that annoy users.

This is another well-known alternative to speedwrite. Paraphraser is an easy-to-use tool that only paraphrases the given article or Blog.


  • Low cost: is a free tool available to the public.
  • Plagiarism tool: After paraphrasing the given article, you can check whether the article is plagiarized or not by using the plagiarism tool.
  • Grammar tool: offers this grammar checker tool that helps in avoiding grammar mistakes. This tool detects all types of grammar errors.
  • Similarities: This tool has a lot of similarities with speedwrite. It benefits the public by giving the same services as speedwrite without cost.
  • Summarizer tool: provides many other facilities for the users. This includes a summarizer tool in which a user can enter an article, and it will produce a summary of the given article.


  • Non-stop ads: SpinBot is filled with free ads that annoy users. is another great speedwrite alternative and an excellent AI text generator. This tool helps in creating marketing copies in less time. It can create blog post text and an outline of the text. So, it helps in completing these tasks in a less time-consuming way.


It is an AI writing Assistance that assists the creators and marketers in creating marketing blog posts and articles. The primary purpose of this tool is to generate articles and blog posts. Besides this, it also provides paraphrasing and rewriting facilities. The user can easily create different copies of the same article through these tools.

Spinner Chief:

Another alternative to speedwrite is Spinner chief. This tool is available in both the application form, which means it can be downloadable and in website form. A person can use its services for free, but to enjoy its advanced tools and services, they must purchase a certain amount. The quality is not excellent for the customers using it for free.

The upgraded customers can avail of the services as they can choose between more understandable or unique and rare writings. It has a feature where you can highlight some words as ‘protected words’, and the tool must not change the protected words while processing. This software is better than speed write in many ways. It even gives users a team license to share it with friends and colleagues. Therefore, the tool consists of various features, so a person must take some time to learn about them.


Wordtune is a speedwrite alternative that works perfectly for rewriting and paraphrasing purposes. The main goal of this tool is to make your articles and writing more understandable and efficient. Word tune mainly focuses on reliable writing and composition compared to the other alternatives that provide various AI features. The public can use this tool without any cost. It paraphrases and rewrites the articles and blog posts without changing their original meaning and context. It is an excellent choice as an alternative to speedwrite.

Article Forge:

This tool can be beneficial in writing a whole article and blog post. Article Forge provides this feature in which the user selects a button, and the tool will create the entire article in seconds. Its other services include posts automatically to blogs, AI-powered writers, and Bulk article generation. Although this tool is not accessible, they provide a free 5-day trial to the user.


The market is full of speedwrite alternatives. One of the most competitive alternatives is ‘Outwrite’. It is a comprehensive AI writing assistant with features like rewriting, improving, enhancing, and generating text. So, this tool help in writing articles and blog posts in less time. Moreover, it also helps writing response emails; the results are always plagiarism-free. This tool can also detect grammatical errors. So, it is a handy tool; it saves time by writing those articles and enhances your writing capabilities.


The market is full of tools and software that offer services like paraphrasing and rewriting the bulk of blog posts and articles. All of them are excellent at providing quality work and satisfying their users. While in competition, many of these tools continuously develop new features and skills using artificial intelligence. Some of the most intelligent software are Quillbot, Jasper, and snipper chief. Therefore these tools are more complex to use and have many advanced features.

Many easy-to-use, understandable, and reliable tools only provide services like paraphrasing and rewriting text. So, these include word tune and

Speed write is a competent tool and offers many advanced features. There are dozens of alternatives to speedwrite available for the users. We didn’t mention all of them here. I suggest the users use Jasper or Quillbot as they are more efficient and reliable and enhance your writing capabilities compared to speed writing tools.

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