My Mother Essay: The Valuable Person In Our Life

You have several ideas for a topic, and when it comes to writing about your my mother essay, you have a lot of strong emotions and feelings that you want to express. As a result, if you are allowed to write a My mother essay 10 lines, you must first concentrate on a few factors. The total words of an essay should be between 500 and 600 words. You may receive fewer marks in an essay if you write more than the given timeframe.

The word “Mother” has a religious connotation, and anyone named “Mother” is somebody who puts her children first. Her entire life revolves around her child’s well-being, growth, development, and welfare. A mother not only gave life to a kid but also committed to caring for her child for the rest of her life.

What Does a Mother’s Role in Our Lives Involve?

Mothers are the first teachers in the world, teaching us not just to trust in ourselves but also how to behave, communicate, and think critically. A mother becomes the best teacher, improving a child’s physical, emotional, and perspective development. Mothers are incredibly crucial in everyone’s lives. It is a blessing to have a mother in one’s life.

Mothers play various roles for their children, from giving birth to caring for them to introducing them to society. Mothers are the primary educators and influence and support their kid’s education. Motherly Love, as we all know, is unrivaled. When you’re sad, depressed, afraid, or lonely, the most comforting place to be is in your mother’s arms.

A mother has various responsibilities, including the mother-child bond, teaching about the world and language, honing thinking abilities, and supporting and caring for her children.

My mother essay 10 lines for Class 2

Sadia is the name of my mother.

She is a dedicated wife and mother.

My mother inspires in me strong moral ideals and behaviors.

She prepares my favorite dishes when I get home from school.

And she takes care of everyone in our family.

She helps me with my assignments and studying.

My mother reads me poems and prepares my school outfit for the next day.

She prays for the health of everyone in my family regularly.

When I go to bed, she tells me amazing stories.

She is the best mother on the earth, and I adore her.

My Mother Essay for School Students and Children

My mother is a regular woman who also happens to be my superhero. She was there for me every step along the way, encouraging and supporting me. She was always there for me, either day or night, no matter the situation. Her effort, patience, passion, dedication, and conduct inspire me.

I love her not because she is my mother, and we should all respect our elders, but because she is my mother. She has my respect since she has looked after me when I cannot speak. When I couldn’t communicate at the time, she took care of all of my requirements. She also showed me how to walk, talk, and care for myself. I won’t be able to take these more enormous leaps until she teaches me how to take modest steps first.

Her Love for me

She is the essence of honesty, Love, and sincerity. Another reason is that she gives blessings and life to her family. She also provides us with everything without expecting anything in return. Her concern for everyone in the family motivates me to do the same in the future. Her affection isn’t exclusive to her family; she treats strangers and animals like she treated me. As a result, she is exceptionally kind and considerate to the wildlife.

Strengths she possesses for us.

Despite her lack of physical strength, she overcomes every barrier in her life and those of her family. She inspires me to become like her and never give up in the face of adversity. Above all, my mum encourages me to enhance my overall abilities and educational achievement. She inspires me to try again when I succeed.

For her children, every mother is unique. She’s an excellent teacher, friend, and strict parent. Only God loves us more than our mother. For my mother and every mother out there who dedicates her life to her family, acclaim is due.

Mother’s Day Essay for College Student

My mother is a multi-tasker. Mothers are vital in everyone’s life since they serve as Protector, Friends, and Life guides. A mother does all for her child without expecting something in return. There is a belief that a mother’s Love is unconditional. Seeing how she manages my family with such care and love is inspiring. It’s hard to describe in words how I feel about my mum. I don’t only adore her because she’s my mother, and we’re supposed to accept our elders. I love her because she is my entire universe, but she’s always cared for me even when I could not speak or communicate.

Her Love and care

The best thing about my mother is that, even as I’ve become older, she still understands and knows my needs without me needing to speak anything. She imparted to me the values of Love and kindness. My mother taught me that no matter how awful a situation becomes, the best method to improve it is via attachment. She has been soul support in my life and significant life events. My mother is always there for me, protecting and guiding me throughout my life. Whenever I was in danger or in a circumstance in Which I was stuck, she was there for me, protecting and guiding me. She is my favorite teacher since she has taught me about life and its beauty.

Her Guides about what is wrong and right

She embodies sincerity, honesty, and a great deal of Love. My mother is the only one who manages to keep our family together. She looks after everyone in the house, as well as those who are in need outside of it. My mother taught me empathy, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever learned. She respects everyone equally, whether strangers or animals, making her even more impressive. She also taught me not to injure people purposely and to aid them whenever possible. Not only that, but she also taught me not to distinguish between rich and poor, handsome and ugly. She claims that a person’s heart, not their temporary belongings, makes them beautiful and wealthy.

Her Value in our life

Even in her flaws, I admire her. I could never be a better person if it were not for my mom. My mother is my greatest strength and helps me become even more vital as I go through challenges in life. Her patience is her most valuable asset. It’s difficult for everyone to have her level of patience. Because the family is so tightly knit, she handles every crisis in the family, in my life, and even in her own life with such patience. Every child has it to their mothers to appreciate them and treat them with respect and Love.


My mother’s essay is a fascinating, vital, and passionate essay topic for every student because it is about my mother, who gave birth to me and allowed me to live in this beautiful world. This My mother essay 10 lines or paragraphs is only an idea of a mother essay from which you can get ideas and extracts. If you want to create the most beautiful essay on my mother, you should consider your mother’s love, care, and devotion, as these qualities will motivate you to produce the most suitable essay on my mother.


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