How to know if someone blocked your number

Every single one of us has experienced this rather uncomfortable experience when you try to contact someone and you go to their voicemails, your texts are being ignored and you are not sure that either someone blocked your number or you are just being ignored by them. Especially, this condition is very common in the dating world or even when you are trying to make new friends or expand your social circle.

This can be a frustrating condition to be in. There is no definite way of knowing if someone blocked your number, for instance, you will not get any notification or some indicator in the contact of the person you suspect has blocked your number. The only definitive way of knowing if someone blocked your number is to ask them directly, but it may be awkward for you, so we are here to help you with some tips and tricks to give you a pretty good idea of the fact that if u have been blocked or not.


1.1 knowing if someone has blocked you on your iPhone

Sending a text message to the person you suspect has blocked you can give you some idea if you have been blocked or not. Although, it’s a more reliable method for iOS users than it is for android. If both you and the person you are contacting have iPhone, and you are contacting through iMessage’s application, when you send them a text you will usually see a “delivered” or “seen” sign right below the blue bubble of your text. The “delivered” means that your text message has reached the recipient, but the recipient has not viewed it yet. The “read” tells us that the person who received the texts has opened and viewed your text message.

If someone blocked your number, you won’t get any of the above-mentioned indications and there will just be a blank space below your text.

Being blocked may not always be the reason why you are not getting the notification/sign below your texts. If a person has disabled the iMessage application or has turned on the “Do not disturb” mode on their iPhone, you won’t be getting any notification until or unless they turn it off.

1.2 Knowing if someone blocked your number on android

Knowing someone has blocked you via texts becomes much more difficult when you or the next person have an android device, even the iOS user won’t get any notification if the next person has an android device. There is no notification in the messaging app when you send a text message from iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, or even android to android. So, if you have been blocked by an android user, your text message will go through usually, but the next person won’t receive it and you will not get any kind of notification. So, In this case, the best-case scenario is to send a text and count on your luck to get a text back to know for sure if your number is blocked or not.


Most people nowadays, prefer WhatsApp over texting via phone or even phone calls. Although there is no alternative to the old-fashioned direct phone call to the person of interest, we recommend you to send a WhatsApp message to the person you think has blocked you.

After sending the text via WhatsApp, if only a single tick appears on your WhatsApp text, you may have been blocked by the person or the person’s phone is offline. You can try again by sending a text after a couple of days, if the single tick condition persists, and it does not change to a double tick or double blue tick, you have been unfortunately blocked.

Always remember, being blocked on WhatsApp and being blocked on phone are two separate things, but it is always useful to check both ways just to be completely sure.


You will not receive any form of notification when phoning someone who has blocked your phone number, which is unfortunate. However, there is one indication that you have been blocked. If you observe that shortly after starting to call, your call is transferred to voicemail.

Don’t draw any hasty assumptions. Perhaps the recipient has switched off their phone or is at a place where there is no service.

But if it persists every time you phone for a while, there’s a good probability they may have blocked you.


You can also try phoning them from a different number as an alternative. Borrow someone else’s phone and dial that person’s number. You don’t necessarily need to talk; just check whether the call goes through and the person picks up.

Your concerns are realistic if they take a call from this number and your number goes straight to voicemail. You have been blocked.

If using someone else’s phone to get around the block is not an option, try hiding your phone number.

4.1 How to block your Number’s caller ID

On an Android phone, blocking your number’s Caller ID is a simple process. To do this, adhere to the procedures below:

  1. Open the “Phone” application.
  2. Select the three dots in the upper-right corner to open more options.
  3. Select “Settings” from this list.
  4. Depending on your phone, you may need to select “More Settings”, “Advanced Settings”, or “Supplementary Services” (on newer Samsung phones).
  5. Look for the “Show my caller ID” menu option and tap it.
  6. Select “Hide number” or “Never” to stop showing your phone number on Android.


You may check if someone has put your phone number on their block list using this additional way on your Android phone.

This method isn’t as effective when used alone, but when combined with the phone call method, it’s a fantastic way to be even more certain.

You can determine whether you’ve been blocked or not by deleting their number and checking to see if they appear as a suggested contact.


We are aware that being blocked by someone can be unpleasant, especially if you are unsure of the reason(s), and in some situations, it can be plain irrational. But try to resist letting it affect you. Additionally, try to avoid the impulse to pursue getting in touch with the individual who blocked you because that could be construed as harassment.

If you are feeling down about the circumstance, try talking to a friend about it or getting in touch with other readily available means of support.


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